Zigfrak 1.05 is the feel-good movie of the year
  • Zigfrak 1.05 is now available through http://zigfrak.com/ and will be available through distributors soon.

    Zigfrak 1.05
    June 30 2013

    - Flagged Portable Battle Grid as a starter item, in case of loss.
    Players who encountered a loss of this item after acquiring it may
    dock at Endpoint Station to ask for a new one.

    - Fixed an issue which was causing inventory items to be lost when
    saving/loading more than 512 items.

    - Fixed an issue which allowed Icosphere and Dark Matter items to
    sell for greater than their buy cost.

    - Fixed an issue which was causing entire stacks of Enforcer Specialist
    Badges and Xenoid Hull Fragments to be consumed at hand-in time.

    - Fixed a potential crash during "This Is What Happens"

    - Fixed an issue which was preventing the final missions at the
    Icosphere from being available. Players can return to the Icosphere
    Prize Vendor to complete this content.

    - If inspecting a mission, its text will no longer disappear while
    the game is paused.

    - Improved memory management when changing scenes.

    - Increased Mentoid spawn rate during "The Nuclear Option"

    - Fixed graphical glitches at the Gates of Hell

    - Fixed issue which was preventing loot boxes from despawning when
    leaving an area.

    - Fixed several items and effects which were missing icons

    - Fixed a bug causing game to start in windowed mode on Linux and Windows,
    regardless of saved preferences.


    Known Issues:

    - Bit of a loading delay when entering the galaxy, which stalls the
    loading bar animation. Give it some time and it should finish.

    - Audio skipping at runtime may require a game restart. An upcoming
    release of Unity3D should finally fix this problem.


    Linux Notes:

    - Linux support still has a number of issues, due to bugs in Unity3D.
    We're at their mercy on these problems, and can only hope that
    they will begin treating Linux as a first-class platform at some
    point. Known issues include:
    - Locking cursor while dragging the camera causes spastic mouse
    deltas, so cursor lock is temporarily disabled.
    - Because we can't lock the cursor while dragging the camera, if
    the cursor leaves the window area or reaches a screen edge,
    position data stops being read.
    - Rapid and sustained cursor movements may cause the game to crash.
    - Mouse scroll wheel input does not work properly.
    - Opening a URL in a browser window may not work.
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