Zigfrak 1.06 is making soup from your bones
  • Zigfrak 1.06 is now available here...other sites should have the update soon. Changes below...


    Zigfrak 1.06
    August 25 2013

    - Built with Unity 4.2, which includes fixes for the following issues:
      - Mouse scroll wheel now functions correctly - Linux
      - Opening URL in a browser window now works - Linux
      - Rapid and sustained cursor movements no longer cause the game to crash - Linux
      - Mouseover/clicking functions properly in windowed mode - Mac

    - Increased durability of GG Propulsion System

    - Made loading screen behavior more consistent

    - Added alert sound and message for incoming enemy units

    - Added alert sound when scenario missions are offered

    - Fixed bug causing game to forget full screen preference at exit


    Known Issues:

    - Bit of a loading delay when entering the galaxy, which stalls the
      loading bar animation. Give it some time and it should finish.


    Linux Notes:

    - Known issues include:
      - Quitting the game by closing the application window may not save
        progress made after the last auto-save. We recommend you exit the
        game by using the Save and Quit or Exit buttons.
      - Locking cursor while dragging the camera causes spastic mouse
        deltas, so cursor lock is temporarily disabled.
      - Because we can't lock the cursor while dragging the camera, if
        the cursor leaves the window area or reaches a screen edge,
        position data stops being read.
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