Crafting pipeline is a bit short
  • One of the things that I love about this game is the craft pipeline.  I love how you can queue up heaps of builds, learning, discombobulating and so forth.  So you can get on with the game and let it do it's thing in the background.

    I'm a bit sad that you can only put in one build order though.  This seems a bit counter-intuitive to the idea of being able to queue up things - which you can - everything else except builds.  I realise you probably don't necessarily want players drifting about and building infinite amounts of epic quality items, but if this is the case, I think nerfing XP gain from crafting would nip that in the bud, and I doubt that crafting (in my limited experience) can really be used to make infinite money.  Increasing build time could also be used to stop players over-abusing the feature if it becomes a problem, although stack limits should also prevent that.

    On the UI side, although the progress bars are sweet, I'd really like to see an 'overall pipeline status'.  It'd be more useful to me to know when that stack of epic ammo will be ready to load, than see lots of mini-bars progressing.
  • It's also worthwhile noting a logical inconsistency with the pipeline.  If you start crafting from the inventory-templates window, the game is paused, and it allows you to craft items instantly in terms of game time.  No other game mechanic (cooldowns, reloads, etc) do this, so it's a bit odd.

    I feel for game balance, you shouldn't really be allowed to do this, as you can simply use up your legendary ammo or crucial payloads, pause the game, make more, then re-enter the fray fully charged.

    While nerfed, I feel you should only be allowed to craft when the game is not paused, and the timer should pause as you're fiddling in the inventory, etc.

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